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on audiovisual and literary translation, subtitling, and the French & American film industries


I’m a French<>English audiovisual translator, and am authoring this blog on audiovisual translation, subtitling, and the French & American film industries.

To start off with, I’m fascinated by the very idea of subtitles in film themselves–antithetical to the very nature of the medium.  In this red, hot, bright moment of change, in everything and the business and craft of film, I wonder about how much longer we’ll be seeing/reading/using them.  As a translation professional, I’ve often wondered about the process of making subtitles, and plan several posts in the future to show how the professionals do it (in part, because I’d like to do it myself).

I also, more for other translators and industry professionals, want to explore the translation interaction between filmmakers and translators, for TV and film scripts, and into the subtitling process.  Lastly, because it’s my business, I’ll be picking out news from out west (Hollywood) or east (France) that seems worth commenting on.

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