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Opening new windows . . .

Angela Lansbury from the original B'way production of "Mame"

Angela Lansbury from the original B'way production of "Mame"

Just back from vacation (trying as best I can to extend it as long as possible), I see that France is shortening its release window for films from theaters to VOD.  I remember reading a few weeks back in New York that a whopping 39% of surveyed young people watch TV on their computer!  And I read this, just as I was moving, and facing the analog to digital switch deadline, without a TV (I ended up buying a TV, but HD needless to mention).

I don’t see that the US has any sort of comparable, fixed window, but doing a quick search found that release windows just a year ago were begining to “crack“.  It’s not hard to imagine that going to movie theaters themselves in the not too distant future will be a lot more like going to “legit” theaters.  This is actually a question I posed directly to Jim Schamus, head of Focus Features, at a writers seminar back in March, to which he responded not entirely directly that (from what I remember) the “power of storytelling” will always prevail, and keep us all faithfully headed into bricks n’mortar theaters.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes (particularly watching foreign films) do I so wish I could pause, rewind or whatever to return to parts I can’t fully “get” or would like to revisit.  Our world is changing so rapidly who knows  . . . perhaps one day there might be a happy medium between the two.


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