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Julia fallout

The real McCoy - Julia Child in her element

The real McCoy - Julia Child in her element

While distracted (joyously translating) since my original Julie/Julia post, I’ve been meaning to add a postscript about how the film has played in France.

Not so surprisingly, Julia Child like other famous ambassadors (the mentions Times Lafayette unironically) isn’t exactly a household word in France, much less an object of admiration or hero worship.

Perhaps Child points to an interesting schism in Americian vs. French approaches to the joie de vivre.  In Le Monde’s dissection of it, beef bourguignon could be almost like leftovers, and certainly not a culinary aspiration (using the word ménagère to describe it), given its rise, fall & rehabilitation reminiscent of more French cultural figures than I care to count.

That ultimately it’s just a household dish, and shifts regionally based on preparation is what really trips me out, and reminds me why I first fell in love with France and all things French, and fall in love again and again every time I have a good meal.  (Though I’ll go on record to say that the last Beef Bourguignon I had was at Chez Napoléon here in Manhattan earlier in the year, and definitely not worth writing home about.)


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