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As the ball falls: the ATA Conference in Times Square

OK, OK, so this all happened two months ago, but certainly we would have liked and appreciated a contemplative look back from the swank perspective of the Marriott Marquis tonight.  Like many sectors in the global economy during the past year, the translation industry has grown and contracted in all directions during 2009.  I was able to take in just one day of the wonderful ATA Conference in October, and was very happy to speak with a few fellow translation bloggers about their insights on the past year and what could lie ahead.

Judy Jenner is one of the”It” women of the translation blogoshere.  With her sister Dagmar, she not only runs a cross continental business covering a handful of languages, but blogs, and solo frequently contributes to the ATA Chronicle (and I believe will have a regular column in it shortly).  Her business acumen about translators seizing their both vision and control of their financial destinies is spot on.

Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux are two other “It” women in our field, generously sharing their extensive knowledge and experience through a series of podcasts they jointly host, along with their separate blogs.  Both have also done professional service, in particular Corinne through the book she’s published on getting started in the translation business.  I’ve whittled down our quick meets to about a New York minute for each.  Happy New Year to all, and to all an awesome year ahead (we hope) in translation!


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