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Sidebar: Personal recommendation

I still feel really new at this whole “blog” thing, so forgive my discomfort with mixing business & personal.  However, seeing David Oliveros’ new film Watercolors has forced the issue for me, and I am quite grateful.

Some background:  I first “met” David on a social networking precursor site, called, devoted to screenwriters & screenwriting, five years ago.  We read one another’s work,  I was quite impressed with his, he not so much with mine (but encouraging nevertheless).  He commited the cardinal sin for the site (& maybe screenwriters in general), of actually admitting he didn’t finish reading my work, but met with me in person while passing through New York.  The last I remember was following the progress of his script as he unflinchingly took it from page to screen.

Out of nowhere, I read about it opening here in New York at the Quad Cinema this weekend.  I’ve seen it and am mostly moved because of what it is not:  a run-of-the-mill teen film, seen on a Disney-related channel (ABC Family or the like).  Because the subject matter is gay male teenagers, and their budding sexuality, it effectively has been censored from mass audiences.

David mentioned during the post-screening I attended the film had been called “pornographic,” which it is not.  The production values are highly imperfect (and even permiable).  Likely because it’s independent, gay-themed, and extremely low budget.  A striking comparison are two French films, one Presque rien and more directly A cause d’un garçon, which I had helped get screened at the 2002 LGBT Reel Affirmations Films Festival in Washington, DC, and also deals with a swimmer (but a very different plot).  The latter was produced by, and shown on, roughly the equivalent of Fox (eg a relative newcomer that dates to Fox’s founding in the US), M6.  If American culture were not so much under the vise-grip of right-wing ideologies on so many levels, David’s film might have been just another ABC Family special, that most of us older folks would have missed, while millions of young people could have enjoyed, identified with, and had their still early life experiences validated by, it.  Pity.


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