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Here comes ‘Oceans’!

I’m very proud to acknowledge the new Pathé/Disney film Oceans, around which I’ve done translation work.  Though I’ve not yet seen it, it’s quite a film in terms of its scope and ambition.  Not the least of which is inventing new outdoor-friendly shooting equipment, attempting to save the world from itself, and allowing the creatures who occupy the greatest surface area of our planet to tell their own story essentially, and all not in that order!

Check out more on the film at its U.S. site.


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Cannes coming up

This years lineup, announced last week, looks particularly . . . mysterious? interesting? . . .  since most of the in-competition films premier there.

I did notice two films that at least have some web presence, one of which is a Facebook page (which clearly states the producers had no part in it-wink, wink).  The first, Draquila – L’Italia Che Treme (my very rough translation:  “Dracula – Italy trembles”) looks to be a political slam of Berlusconi by the comic actress and director Sabina Guzzanti.  A natural disaster is involved, along with the political response, from what I can tell from the trailer.

The other film is Les amours imaginaires by Québeçois wunderkind Xavier Dolan, whose previous J’ai tué ma mère was a big hit at last year’s festival as part of the select Quinzaine de réalisateurs (Fifteen Directors) section.  His new film, like the previous, features a gay protagonist, but this time it’s kind of a retro ’80s thing with boy and girl meet boy, and both fall for him.

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