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Cannes coming up

This years lineup, announced last week, looks particularly . . . mysterious? interesting? . . .  since most of the in-competition films premier there.

I did notice two films that at least have some web presence, one of which is a Facebook page (which clearly states the producers had no part in it-wink, wink).  The first, Draquila – L’Italia Che Treme (my very rough translation:  “Dracula – Italy trembles”) looks to be a political slam of Berlusconi by the comic actress and director Sabina Guzzanti.  A natural disaster is involved, along with the political response, from what I can tell from the trailer.

The other film is Les amours imaginaires by Québeçois wunderkind Xavier Dolan, whose previous J’ai tué ma mère was a big hit at last year’s festival as part of the select Quinzaine de réalisateurs (Fifteen Directors) section.  His new film, like the previous, features a gay protagonist, but this time it’s kind of a retro ’80s thing with boy and girl meet boy, and both fall for him.


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