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Five minutes with Richard Howard

I am thrilled to present an interview I had a few weeks ago with the plurally and internationally honored writer, translator, and teacher Richard Howard.

He’d first come to my attention from a brief meeting I’d had seven years ago with Françoise Kourlisky.  Preoccupied as I was (and still am), with translation and writing for TV and film, I promptly moved on to other things.  Fast forward to my birthday earlier this year, when I saw he was reading his work at a bar off in the East Village.

Poetry for me has often felt like some foreign language that only real experts should speak (in the same way many still regard French).  So it’s always with great relief when I hear someone who not only I can understand, but whose work I can enjoy, and therein find many levels of understanding.  Similarly, far, far too few people not only know very little about Richard Howard‘s work (even in the world of French translation!) but moreover, still fewer are aware that he has been an out gay man since the mid-1940s who socialized with the likes of playwright Edward Albee, composer William Flanagan, and savant Ned Rorem.

Note that in honor of LGBT Pride month, this interview is an extra 40 seconds long – the number of years since the first gay pride parade in New York, and Richard Howard received a Pulitzer Prize!


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2 Responses

  1. Judy Jenner says:

    Fascinating stuff, thanks so much for sharing. I have to admit that I was not familiar with Mr. Howard. I am glad you “introduced” me to him. He seems like a highly interesting and accomplished man. Kudos to you for scoring an interview, and congrats on yet another fantastic video! Will I see you in Denver?

  2. Hey Judy, thanks. I . . . hope so. Am in the process of moving West (more on that soon), so it’s definitely possible. Thanks again & hope all’s well!

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