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Pasolini’s ‘Teorama’ theatrically translated

Fitting outdoor surrounding of Lincoln Center Festival production of 'Teorama'

Over the weekend I saw an theatrical rendering of the late, great director Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s film Teorama as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.  It was interesting and successful, and what I particularly enjoyed was the translation from the screen to the stage of the supertitles, which were an elegant and often poetic evocation of the film itself.

As for the actual story, a depiction of ennui soaked rich people literally choking on their frigidity, it’s remarkable if only because of the saturation of American culture with so many reality TV-fueled quests for material wealth and professional success as nearly identical goals.  Most of these embody consciously and otherwise a narrow construct which exclude any other point of view.

What’s most striking, given Pasolini and everything he stood for (his bold cinema, gay sexuality, and politics), is the very radical nature simply of his dissection of this world that he was by self-definition utterly removed from.  That he attempted to weave the profane together with the sacred made the film that much more compelling, and this production is that much more valuable for attempting to evoke it.  Mostly too late to see, but utterly worth remembering.


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