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Personal sidebar: ‘The Town’

'The Town' promotional pic

'The Town' promotional pic

Yup, you read that correctly.  Though the film is not suffering financially (far from it), I was compelled to recommend this film as a writer for not only how well it succeeds within its genre context (gangster/bad guy POV and redemption), and as an action film, but ultimately the way it combines a personal story with a thrilling ride (no giveaways here, folks, you’ll have to go out and see it).

Earlier this summer I went to a seminar sponsored by the Writers Guild Foundation, where a number of established film scribes indirectly channeled established, name-brand actor complaints about the lack of meaningful roles, as Hollywood churns out more films about machines conflicting with people, versus good old-fashioned people versus themselves.  The Town is a rare film that succeeds at showing both conflicts in a very compelling way.


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