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Bring on the droids, all hail the droids . . .

Without giving anything away, the new film Hereafter is the apotheosis of a “foreign” film (which might be an endangered species thanks to globalization) disguised as a “domestic” one (ditto).

At the screening I attended, the French star, the ebullient Cécile de France (a Belgian no less, but I won’t go there . . . ) even said director/producer Clint Eastwood gave her, and presumably her numerous Francophone colleagues, rein to translate their own lines into French.  Writer Peter Morgan wasn’t on hand unfortunately to discuss that, and I didn’t get a chance to ask her how that worked collaboratively.


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A real conversation starter

It’s extremely rare these days for a film to initiate discussion about something that isn’t already in the public consciousness, and more importantly raise the awareness of film as a medium, not only a means of dramatic expression, but as a locus of discussion and debate.

The Social Network, the new film about Facebook‘s conception and birth, does all that, and more.  Increasingly as film itself struggles as a medium to survive into the 21st century, based on its business model and identity (video game? TV franchise spinoff or remake? product placement vehicle?), it’s refreshing not only to see a compelling and timely story well done, but also how film remains viable in our culture, fully capable of stoking and inspiring debate all by itself, with no add-ons or gimmicks other than its dramatic focus.

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