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on audiovisual and literary translation, subtitling, and the French & American film industries

American TV and multilingualism

Cable TV is all about niche, which inevitably comes with linguisitic specializations.  But given that all those slices are based on eyeballs and advertisers (with content garnering more, or specific demongraphics, of the former attracting more or specific kinds of the latter), it can all seem like a hodgepodge buffet, where consumers pick and choose as they pay.

Just prior to the end of last year, the US Spanish network Univision demonstrated the increasing power of foreign language markets, and their continuing influence stateside.  While the story concerns ratings and profits, presumably there will be a content impact soon enough.  And though the closest US TV had was Ugly Betty, which alas didn’t make it to the magic five seasons (and concomitant rebroadcast rights), surely someone else will go digging for ratings gold nearby.


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