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Personal sidebar: ‘Source Code’

Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga in 'Source Code'

One of my distractions, or excuses, from being away from my blog lately was seeing this terrific film.  When I saw the production credits, I thought it was the sort of “avatar” that I’ve described previously, i.e. with international financing.  And while there is a French producer, it seems that his shop (Vendôme) is, ironically right here in California.

The world is getting smaller by the minute, and this film, which seemed French in the best way, as a small, well-constructed play, is emblematic of that fact.  Both the writer and director are in most ways “local” (insofar as the latter might be considered “local” for being David Bowie‘s son), but in making something so enormous yet focused, in fact they gave this viewer a very personal, and moving experience.


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