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Personal sidebar: ‘Quelques jours de répit’

This film, which was screened last night at the L.A.’s Outfest, and earlier this year at Sundance, has a fascinating and all-too timely premise:  a gay male Iranian couple escapes from Iran illegally into France seeking freedom they’ve never experienced.  The conclusion is brutal, damning and believable enough.  But the action, what’s shown, isn’t entirely convincing regarding the couple’s homosexuality.

It’s an Algerian-French co-production, and I wondered if the filmmakers were hesitant for whatever reason to be more commited and explicit showing the couple acting like a couple having escaped their “prison.”  Suspension of disbelief, in otherwords, was more dependent on the press materials than the film itself.  Were there religious/cultural limitations, possibly based on potential audiences in non-GLBT friendly/open countries?

Whatever one’s judgement on the results, the politics of this film outweigh any other considerations for anyone interested in human rights, and the GLBT movement and its allies.  See it, and talk to your friends about it.


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