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The Olympics in Translation

The Oscars of infotainment are upon us, and it’s striking how already translation and interpretation are needed – and that’s just from the other side of the pond to this one!

While I’m sure language there is the last thing on anyone’s mind, seamless communication is the backbone of any international event.  Lucky for the UK they have government sponsored language skill and learning entities that will ensure the games and how they are remembered will be clear to all globally–whatever their language.


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  1. Steven Smith says:

    Absolutely spot on. The need for translation and interpreting at such a major sporting event, that brings 204 participating nations together, is huge. Such things often go unconsidered in comparison to the gold medal winners etc., but professional translation and interpreting services are paramount. From helping athletes get around safely to providing multilingual press coverage, translators and interpreters working at the London 2012 Olympics deserve great credit for the work they have done over the last few weeks.

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