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Dear World, remember me?

What loads of work will do for one translator!  Julie Powell-like (boo-hoo), I wonder is anyone reading this anyway, but have missed plugging into the blogosphere (so I guess that means I like it).

In the midst of my brisk autumn, I happened to catch sight of this dissertation that somehow made its way on to the ATA‘s monthly news roundup.  I can barely make heads or tails of it, but it’s pretty interesting (from a purely academic POV, and even then Swedish language skills would probably help) to see how small words and phrases generally end up in the trash, even as multi-lingual viewers get tripped up from not actually seeing what they hear, but no one else notices.

Otherwise, on the subject of rabbit holes, recently making my way out of mine, I “discovered” The Da Vinci Code (the film, not the phenom), and was pleasantly shocked to see a bilingual Hollywood film?  Incroyable, but true!  Looking to see Angels and Demons soon enough to see how much if at all la bella lingua turns up in that.  Meanwhile, dear readers, stay tuned for a posting-packed end of year, as I try to fold in at least a month’s worth into ten days.


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