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Sidebar: Personal recommendation

You’ll know by now that I’m a sucker for romance (with consequences), and my latest recommendation is no exception.  Eyes Wide Open was actually an official Cannes selection from Israel last year, and got a very strong review in the Times, yet despite all this I only heard about the film through an acquaintance.  And this, over a month after the film was released here in New York.

Subtlety is the name of both the games the characters play, and the art and skill employed therein by all involved with the film.  Except the subtitles, which though I can’t critique their accuracy as my Hebrew is long out of practice, but the timing on a good 25 – 30% of them is either early or late, especially toward the end of the film.  But do not let that dissuade you from going.

The film is powerful enough, both in its imagery and emotion to triumph over minor linguistic lapses.  And though I want to rail against the ongoing censorship of gay male romantic imagery as I did earlier, but this film is strong enough to speak for itself.  Shalom.


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