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Dear Blog, Remember Me?

Down my own rabbit hole of activity, professional and personal for the past month plus, my blog kept unsuccessfully beckoning me.  By sheer force of will (and desire to be professionally visible), I have returned (but I’m still pretty busy).  The subject of this post (originally saved with a cursory title of “blogging”) was to have been how self-indulgent and promotional blogging seems.

Not long after taking office, the President weighed in, citing the importance of a free (as in democratic) and vibrant media/fourth estate that practices journalism professionally, and not amateurly or promotionally.

So in the spirit of leaf-turning (it is spring after all), here are three blogs that, if I read any with any regularity, I would likely desire–and not feel obliged–to consult:

  • Kevin Sessums is an accomplished journalist (and, surprise! seems to have abandonned his blog like some beautiful empty wildflower lot).  He regales Facebook readers with riveting stories spun from obituaries and other banal daily factoids.  Feh on the blogosphere (sort of)!
  • Michael Pershes works in the fashion industry, and really takes advantage of the web’s visual dynamic with curated and original content spun from his work, imagination and life.
  • Natty Soltesz, (now) a Lambda Literary Award nominee, writes primarily erotic but also extremely witty and insightful fiction.

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