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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em: Brave New World of French film sales

This one article from Variety is a great tutorial in the ups, downs and sideways of French film distribution today as seen through the prism of Toronto.  The upshot is inevitably the end when Régine Hatchondo, head of Unifrance, utters the ‘V-word’, but it’s nevertheless fascinating to see how, knock-on-wood, the market for character-driven French (and other national) and indie content seems to be coming back (even with a bidding war for Werner Herzog‘s 3-D doc about French cave art, no less).


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Avatar followup: article in Le Monde

For those of you who saw my interview last summer with John Kochman of Unifrance USA, I thought you might be interested in this article in which Pierre Morel talks about his tilt toward the American market.

This is also related to my year-end roundup/post about industry avatars, onscreen and off.  Also interesting to read about Morel’s future projects in the U.S.

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